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Eat healthy meals using everyday ingredients in gorgeous recipes. Lose weight fast with Sinéad, an experienced Slimming World Balbriggan consultant.


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Lose Weight Fast

New Wednesday morning and evening groups available at the Village Hotel Bettystown!

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Lose weight fast

lose weight fast

Weight loss

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Best way to lose weight
Fat burning

Hi, There!

I’m Sinéad.

Like all of my clients, for many years I battled with my weight while enduring the struggles which accompany the usual methods of fat burning through traditional dieting.

However, the end result never changed for me and sooner, rather than later, I would find myself eating my way back to those plus sizes again. As ever, this would inevitably lead to feelings of  low self esteem and to the vicious circle of weight gain.

The most important outcome to me is that each one of my members reaches their dream weight by utilising an easygoing, adaptable & versatile approach to losing it.

This is achieved through a distinctive mixture of no-hunger (eat as much as you like) healthy eating plans combined with gentle activity and unwavering support from myself and from within the group.

Weight loss diet

Let Me Teach You How To Lose Weight Fast

While eating the food you love and as much as you like at the same time!  

Its Absolute Genius

There are no tricks and no false advertising. It’s nothing like a traditional weight loss diet and you will never be hungry. It’s the best way to lose weight & God knows I have tried them all myself!

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At the heart of my group is a motivating session we call IMAGE which stands for Individual Motivation And Group Experience. It’s a chance to benefit from the experiences of your fellow members

Food Optimisation

It is an effective no weight gain plan with an abundance of totally free food! Deliciously satisfying and healthy, you can eat as much as you like when you like and that’s all there is to it.

Body Magic

I will help you take small steps towards a more active lifestyle. It’s not  about fat burning in the gym (unless you want to!) & there’s no judgement about how much or how little activity you do.

Delicious Meals & Recipes Thats Are Perfect For You!

It’s nothing like a traditional weight loss diet!

Fat Burning On A Weight Loss Diet Means No Treats Right?


Wrong actually! Slimming World Syns will sort that problem out. 

It’s no big secret that foods which are higher in calories are generally speaking, the least filling.

Sugar filled biscuits, bread, sweets and even your alcohol intake are detrimental to maintaining a balanced healthy weight loss diet.

At Slimming World Balbriggan you will quickly learn that the best way to lose weight is through enjoying everyday syns.

After all, indulging in a little of the naughty stuff such as some chocolate or a glass of wine simply means you will not be tempted to go completely off track.

Feel free to correct me if im wrong but, when it comes to fat burning, does a weight loss diet that works and actually allows you to enjoy the treats – sound like best way to lose weight?!

Slimming world consultant Balbriggan
Syns allowed
Healthy meal at Slimming World Balbriggan

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Fat burning

Helena Flynn

Sinéad is a passionate and enthusiastic Consultant who goes the extra mile for every one of her members. Balbriggan if you haven’t checked out Sinéad in her new venue (Combined Clubs, beside the Credit Union) you’re missing out. If weight loss is something you want Sinéad’s groups is where to be.

Leanora Nic Uilcín

Great group support and always full of ideas. The plan works, no doubt about it!

Keri Heffernan

Started slimming world for the first time this year and I’ve never looked back! Sinead is a fantastic leader. Would highly recommend her!


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