Effective Weight Loss Programmes

That allow you to eat as much as you like!


Considering a weight loss programme and taking the first step is always a difficult move. But ultimately, it is the best move you can possibly make!

If I could only convey to you right now of how much a warm welcome you will recieve and how you will be treated with respect, understanding and never will be judged.

I personally guarantee that after just one class you will feel totally comfortable and after seveal classes you will feel the weight coming off!


Weight Loss Programmes

Making the first move is often the hardest part, after this, it all becomes much easier.

Feel free to contact me in total confidence.

I provide groups at two locations in Balbriggan. Times can sometimes vary. I like to recommend calling me directly but feel free to email or get me at Facebook.

Weight Loss Programmes

Saturday mornings at Combined Community Centre Balbriggan.

Programmes for losing weight

Wednesday mornings & evenings at the Village Hotel Bettystown.


Does Slimming World Work?

My Slimming World weight loss programme is an extremely flexible food plan which allows participants to eat as much as they like. It focuses on healthy and hearty foods and occasional indulgences while totally discouraging the idea of calorie counting. Delivered at two locations in Balbriggan with dedicated support from myself, the weight loss programme has been proven time after time through my very happy clients.

Can I Eat As Much Free Food As I Want On Slimming World?

Yes, as much as you want! Unlike other very restrictive diets and weight loss programmes that make you count points or calories, with Slimming World Balbriggan your appetite becomes your limit. Think about that! Hundreds of delicious recipes that you can eat as much as you like.

Will I Definitely Lose Weight On Slimming World?

Yes, providing you stay with me on the programme, you will. There is nothing that is unusual about seeing people rapidly losing weight in the first few weeks of slimming. There are lots of factors to take into consideration including the loss of body water retention and especially if you have a lot of body weight to lose. Generally speaking, weight loss will usually stabilise at a loss of 1 to 2lbs per week and this is good!

How Do I Maximise My Weight Loss On Slimming World?

My group members at Slimming World Balbriggan maximise weight loss through implementing some small changes from the way the eat – to the way they shop and cook food. Being able to fill up on free foods that have a low calorie impact but are extremely satisfying and filling like pasta, meat, fruit veg and potatoes means they will never face hunger while being able to continue enjoying their favourite meals.


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Balbriggan Clubs Community Centre & The Village Hotel, Bettystown.

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