Lose belly fat


Lose Belly Fat On This Weight Loss Plan!

And furthermore, if you stick with me, you will be able to maintain a balanced weight while eating as much food as you like!


We all know it’s not rocket science that in order to lose belly fat we need a weight loss plan. Fat burning is not easy, right? Wrong, its very easy actually.


Let Me Explain Some More ..

As previously mentioned, I think I have tried almost every fat burning diet and all the weight loss foods you could name. For myself, the quickest way to lose weight was never easily achieved and when I did make any ground, I found that going back to old habits was always my Achilles heel.

Then one day, I happened to come across the Slimming World weight loss plan and now, here I am years later not only thriving and maintaining my weight but; also believing in the weight loss meal plan so much that – I felt compelled to invest my time, money and energy into becoming a consultant, just so i could share my knowledge and help other people.

It would be needless to point out that I have achieved a personal goal with Slimming World that has changed my life for ever.

Committing to taking the first step was the hardest part for me but, once I came to terms with how it works, there was no looking back.

Yes, this is me! 

Weight loss plan

Support, Support, Support!


In order to change lifelong habits, as human beings, we all need support and encouragement.

My ethos is not only built around sharing my passion while showing members the quickest way to lose weight, it is also very much centred around showing warmth – while totally understanding your feelings regarding your weight and at all times, treating you with respect.

It is in this regard that you will have access to a support system that is truly like no other.


lose belly fat

Helping Slimmers Achieve Their Dreams

Unlike a traditional weight loss plan, at Slimming World Balbriggan, together with myself and my group members, you will never be on your own!

Lose Weight Eating The Food You Love! 


Absolutely no weighing, measuring or counting calories. Just as much great food as you like and literally hundreds of mouth-watering recipes to chose from.

Add healthy extras

Add a good balance of nutrients to your free food, Milk and cheese for calcium, bread for fibre and lots of essential minerals, nuts and seeds for healthy oils.

enjoy the syns too

Calorific foods like biscuits, sweets plus alcohol, are Syns at Slimming World Balbriggan. Enjoying a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine is 100% allowed!

eat in abundance

My members are encouraged to eat amply and aplenty! Free foods are so diverse and can be optimised in so many different ways that in comparison to weight loss foods on other weight loss meal plans, you will never feel deprived and hungry!

Weight loss plan

Cassandra Manning

Best leader ever. Never been able to keep up SW longer than a few months. With Sinead since Sept and have never looked back. Great support from Sinead and the group.

Shelly Hughes

Love our Saturday group! Great bunch of people. Excellent consultant . Always loads of advice and recipes every week. Always good to stay to group and we always have a great laugh.

Ana Sedano Ugarte

The support you get feom Sinead is 10 out of 10. Ask anything and she will have the answer for you. Staying to class is the best thing you can do if you are in this journey.


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