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Weight loss food does not have to be rabbit food! I have hundreds of recipes at Slimming World Balbriggan- your very own weight loss clinic!

Of course my group is not like a clinic in the traditional sense. I dont wear a white coat or have a stethoscope however; what i do have is a wealth of knowledge gained through many types of training courses delivered in a thoroughly professional setting and – not to mention almost a decade of practising what im preaching.

Weight loss clinic

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with Sínead Wyer

Sometimes the best diet for weight loss is not necessarily the best way to lose belly fat. That might sound confusing but hear me out. Quick weight loss diets over a short term do achieve results however; over the longer term they tend to fail simply because they do not allow you to eat filling food whenever you are hungry. And lets face it, when on a diet plan for weight loss, we are constantly hungry!

You will lose weight while never going hungry with Slimming World Balbriggan!



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in utterly delicious recipies that will never leave you feeling hungry! 


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